“Doing What I Love”

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My life is filled with doing what I love, and last month was no exception. In late June, I attended my first Young Living Essential Oils Convention. As I have had to save my energy and resources for keeping my son Hank healthy and strong with, ironically, Young Living Essential Oils, being an attendee at Convention hasn’t been a viable option.  This year, however, it was.  I packed my bags and headed west.

I have been to a variety of Young Living trainings and have been blessed to spend time on their farms in Idaho and Ecuador through company supported Leadership Retreats.  And of course the week that I spent with Hank at Gary Young’s clinic, when it was in Utah, was vital.  These experiences were amazing, and it’s difficult to compare the powerful impact that each event has had on me.  But there was nothing like being with 9,000 other lovers of Young Living… learning from the best and hearing from folks who’s lives have been changed, even saved as Hank’s has.

When I am acting or singing I am also doing what I love.  Expressing myself this way raises and empowers me in a very unique and meaningful way.  I struggle with my desire to etch out time to pursue this part of myself more fully.  But the muse is patient, thrumming through my veins as it beckons.  And while I pray to stay open to guidance, I am so grateful that I have Young Living, that gives me the flexibility to take an acting job when the timing and the project are right, that keeps the wolf from the door quite comfortably, that affords me the joy of keeping my family healthy and helping others.  I am grateful and proud to work for a company that has a beautiful and broad vision, rock solid ethics, and incredible, God inspired products.  

In both of these “work areas”, if work they must be called, I am doing what I love.

Finally, there’s being a mother to my Hank, a role around which all others must spin.  Hank is my delight, my pride, my joy of all joys. Being Hank’s mother is doing what I love…to the tenth power.

Truth be told,  doing what I love doesn’t always feel wonderful.  There are times of frustration and fear, anger and pain.  Loving what I do does not insulate me from the gamut of human emotions.  But the canvas upon which my life’s work is painted is secured by God, and my brush never strays too far from the light.  Love is the glue that anchors my life, a life so full and incredibly rich.  I have a life of power, peace, and a sense of direction, one that is, for me, beyond my wildest dreams. Through the thick and the thin of it, the laughs and the tears, my life is chock full of doing what I love.

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