“There’s No Place Like Home”

There truly is, for me, no place like home.  I love our house and I love things in it, but what I love most  is our home.  

As I sit here typing this it almost feels as though someone else has written those words.  As a younger woman (notice I say ‘younger’ rather than ‘young’…ahh…the denial of a fifty something girl) what I wanted most was travel, adventure, wildness and fun.  Those things, in my mind, were the absolute opposite of home.

So I traveled, I adventured, I was wild and I had fun.  I have lived in London, Pittsburgh, New York City (well, Hoboken New Jersey but close enough for government work) and the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have partied like a mad woman in Amsterdam, Seville, Barcelona and the country side of France.  And of course closer to my childhood home in haunts such as Morris’s Grill, Spirits and the Sherwood Inn.

All the while I was running around I experienced some really wonderful things.  I also experienced a deep sense of loneliness.  I know now that I was always on a journey to get spiritually connected.  I know now that I was looking for home.

So almost twenty-three years ago I was given the gift of my Hank, and there my search took on a whole new meaning.  Here was a person who made me stand up straight and really take notice.  Here was a person that made me take a good look at myself and say, “Hey girlfriend, it’s time to get out of the field and step up to the plate.”  Here was a person who needed me deeply.  Little did I know then how much I needed him.

Through my love for my son I was led to some very wonderful and healthy people.  I was shown the door to a way of living that was, and is, vibrant and strong.  I was taught how to pray and meditate and really mean it.  It is through this meditation that I now know where home ultimately is.

I love knowing this.  I love knowing that the more I am ‘home’ within myself the more my house feels like a home.  I love knowing that the more I practice going there the easier it is for me to find it when I get off course.  I love knowing that home truly is where the heart is, and that there really is “no place like home.”  Thank you Dorothy.



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Debbie February 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm

children are our Home


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