“Music Man”



For the past several days my son Hank has been involved in a music camp at Subcat Studios.  Subcat is a state of the art recording facility in Syracuse, NY that is hosting this opportunity.  Syracuse University graduate students are working with people who have a variety of talents and abilities.  They are learning that everyone can participate in music activities, and ways to accomplish that goal.  Hank is recording,  running a sound board through an IPad, and jiving away with the best of them. Hank is a music man.

Hank’s Dad Marty Klueber is a music man as well.  A graduate of the Crane School of Music, he is a professional saxophonist, teacher, and instrument repairman.  I am a music woman.  I sing, play the guitar and am currently taking voice lessons.  The bulk of my vocal training at CMU was from an acting standpoint.  I am wanting to keep my voice in shape and challenged so the lessons feel like a great idea for me.  Hank has a music therapist who comes to our home once a week and he attends concerts on a regular basis.   He sits in on lessons with his Dad and listens to a wide variety of music both at home and while traveling.  We are music people through and through.

When I was a child there was a great deal of music and song in our home. My mother, my sisters and I would sing together while doing the dishes and other chores.  Mom often played 33’s of Ferrante and Teicher, Henry Mancini, Andy Williams, and Nat King Cole.  We listened to as many Broadway and movie musical albums as we could afford, and I remember being taken to see Mitch Miller in concert.  And Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra were a true treat.  As a teenager I could be found in my room with the likes of  Elton John, Steve Miller, Carole King and James Taylor on my stereo.  I didn’t know what multi-tasking was…I just sat and listened and soaked in the sound.  In time I taught myself how to play the guitar so that I would have an instrument to sing with.

I was so fortunate that the love of music that was in my home was greatly nurtured in my schooling.  I had strong music education throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years.  I played clarinet for four years and was in chorus from third grade right through to my senior year. Music was so important that in second grade, since the building I was in was brand new and they had yet to build the auditorium, the district sent a music teacher into each classroom with her accordion to play and sing with us.

Music is everywhere.  We here it from the birds and all of nature when we are quiet enough to notice.  It can be heard in the rhythm of the jack hammer and the brush of the painter.   It’s in the breathing of a baby and the purr of a cat.  I believe that it’s a life force for our minds, our souls, and our bodies. 

I am so incredibly grateful that Hank loves music as much as his parents do, and for the wonderful opportunities such as the one at Subcat that come into his life to foster that love.  We can allow ourselves to stop and be filled with the joy of music whether we are performing it, writing it, listening or dancing to it.

Play music…play!  In the words of William Shakespeare, for whom the spoken word held song, “If music be the food of love, play on.”




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