“Laughter is the Best Medicine”

In high school I had a best friend named Michelle who remains a very near and dear person in my life. Michelle is one of the funniest people I know, and even after over 40 years she can still make me laugh like there’s no tomorrow.   And over the years I have found many others who can make me laugh with true abandon, including my son Hank who is capable of turning laughter into an art form.

A good sense of humor is a really important characteristic for a person to have in order for me to be deeply drawn to them.  I can be very serious and focused and hard working, but I have learned that I need people around me who can pull me out of myself and just make me laugh…hard!

One of my very favorite things is to be in the middle of a really serious conversation and suddenly someone pops in with a hilarious take on the subject. Everyone involved cracks up laughing, and now there is a different kind of flow and movement…joy is filtering through and real creation is happening.  

When I was a little girl if I started laughing really hard my father would say, “Did you swallow a feather?” This of course would make me laugh even harder. And of course there’s nothing like a good joke,  like the one about the guy who has a station wagon full of penguins and he goes to the gas station.  He asks the gas station attendant what he thinks he should do with all these penguins.  The attendant says, “Why don’t you take them to the zoo?”  And the guy says, “Thanks, that’s a great idea!”  The following week the same guy pulls up to the same gas station with his station wagon filled with penguins and they’re all wearing sunglasses.  The attendant says, “I thought you were taking those penguins to the zoo?”  And the guy says, ” I did!  And we had such a good time today we’re going to the beach!”  

If today you don’t feel like laughing know that soon the clouds will pass and  you will swallow that feather once again.   Let’s just keep the laughter portal open because you never know when something really funny might be flying around wanting to land.

In closing, I would like to share a wonderful little video that my friend Kate Huddleston posted on Facebook.

Laugh away dear friends, laugh away!




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