When I received an email last fall inviting me on a trip to Ecuador I thought to myself, “Ecuador…Really?”  Young Living, the company that I work for, was generously offering me an all expenses paid trip south of the equator.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to go.  

Don’t get me wrong…I felt very grateful and honored.  I was being rewarded for my work, having reached the rank of Gold in the company. But I was in the middle of a show and didn’t have time to consider the offer closely.  So I spoke with my upline Kathy Kouwe and she quickly set me straight.  “Maureen, you have to go!  Any trip with Gary Young (CEO and founder of Young Living) is amazing and you have to go!” Having taken my son Hank to the Clinic when it was in Utah, been on the farm in Idaho, and had several personal interactions with Gary regarding Hank’s health care, I knew she was right.  So I snapped into focus and the arrangements were made.  I was going.

It’s hard for me to find the words to describe what I found there.  The adventure was nothing less than magical.  I experienced the richness of a culture that was, for me, life changing.  I witnessed a depth of human spirit and an appreciation for life that was profoundly inspiring. Furthermore, since there was only myself and twenty-six other Golds and Platinums in attendance, we were blessed to spend very intimate time with Gary, and with one another.  

We each had our own room in a very luxurious hotel in Guayaquil where extremely fresh and delicious food was served for breakfast.  (Although this seemed incongruous in comparison to the poverty all around us, I admit I was grateful for the comfort.)  After breakfast we would board a bus to tour the city and beyond, stopping at markets and sites along the way.  

The most incredible part of the journey was being on the Young Living Farm, one of six that Gary has created and cultivated for Young Living around the world, and visiting the school that he has built, The Young Living Academy in Chongon.  The joy and sheer love of life that shone from everyone, adults and children alike, filled me with a light that I swear flew me home.  (Pictured above is Javier, the little boy that I now sponsor and have the privilege of corresponding with through email.  I fell in love with him the moment that I met him.)

When I began my work with Young Living I never imagined I would be at the place I am now.  I was scared, extremely financially challenged, and had no idea how to run a business. But I was a mother with a child who needed me.  I dove in. 

So I say to you, “Dive in!”  Whatever life is asking of you dive in.  Walk through the fear, make your mistakes and succeed.  We all can be rewarded when we answer the call, roll up our sleeves, and are willing to get our feet wet.

My trip to Ecuador was one of many beautiful, life-changing events that Young Living has given to me.  This is because I have immersed myself in both it’s health care and it’s business.  It’s because I gave it a chance.  It’s because even though I was scared to death I did it anyway.  If I hadn’t, Hank and I would never have the incredible life of abundance we now so gratefully live.  

Mark Twain once said, “Why not go out on a limb?  That’s where the fruit is.” I believe that abundance is there for all of us.  It’s only request is to be received.  

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