“What Are We Saying?”


What are we saying?  For many years I have been drawn to the notion that what we say matters.  Although this concept is not new to me, I am often introduced to new ways of thinking about this concept, and different ways of  using it.  The most recent take that I’m attracted to is “What is Your Say So?” 

In the morning, as I prepare for my day, I like to listen to positive and encouraging messages.  Sometimes it’s Wayne Dyer or Esther (Abraham) Hicks sharing about the “Law of Attraction.”  Other times it’s Joyce Meyer or Joel Osteen, the ‘say so’ guy, talking about this same concept as it is expressed in the Bible.  I know that on my own my thinking can get skewed, and since there are so many wonderful teachings that can help me, I am one who takes full advantage.  And a common element for all teachings that I’m attracted to is that what we say really does matter.

When my son Hank was attending the Jowonio Pre-School there was a sign in the office that read, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can really hurt me.”  This was my first conscious introduction to the power of our words.  And if words can hurt us, how powerfully then can they encourage and inspire us, even lead us in the direction of our dreams.

Hank has extremely low muscle tone which renders him non-verbal.  He communicates through typing, gestures, eye gaze and vocalizations.  He also communicates by showing his feelings through facial expressions, as shown in the photograph (age four) above.  In this picture Hank is, to me, emitting pure joy in a way that words could never match. For Hank the spoken word is not an option and the physical act of typing can be labored.  For the most part it is his total being….thoughts, emotions, and body language conveying what, for others, words would express.

I truly believe that what we say not only matters, it has an effect on what comes our way.  The “Law of Attraction” has proven itself many times in my life, from personal finances to the health and well-being of my cherished son.  

When I was first introduced to spiritualists and philosophers who taught this way of thinking and speaking, my finances were small.  Therefore everytime I found myself worrying about keeping our home or having the power shut off I would say to myself “Money flows to me and through me freely and easily.”  

When Hank was born,  all around me people were giving frightening scenarios and wearing worried faces.  So I would say to Hank, “Thank you so much for being born and choosing me to be your Mom.  God must think I’m pretty special to have given me you!”  And when people ask me, “What’s wrong with him?”  I say, “Well, I can tell you what’s right with him!”  Since these kinds of things are often said in front of Hank, I know that speaking and answering this way has helped to shape not only his thinking about himself but his approach to life in general.  I also believe that Hank has a natural tendency toward positiveness.  He has taught me more on this subject than I could ever begin to measure.

These days my finances are in very good shape and Hank is a thriving, self-confidnent young man who has the world by the tail.  For me, disciplining my thinking is something that I continue to need help with, and so I choose to continue to get that help.  I am ever exposing myself to teachers and people who encourage me to keep my thoughts and words on the high road.

So I ask, “What is your say so?”  What words are you using about yourself, your circumstances, and your family?  I challenge you to say outrageously great things out loud and see what happens.  At the very least I believe that you’ll start to feel better about your life.  I have a feeling, however, that you’ll actually begin to see good things, dare I say wondrous things, coming your way.  



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