“The Year of the Prayer”



I have decided to name 2015 “The Year of the Prayer.”  It just seems to resonate.  I like how it sounds, and how it makes me feel.  And this picture of a child in open-handed prayer? I like that too.

For most of my adult life I have been a spiritual seeker and, in more recent years, a finder.  I have learned the importance of allowing my God, my higher power, my universal teachers, however it must be named, to come into my life and guide me.  Jesus is always the presence I come back to now, and I’m grateful for that.  But no matter who or what supports us in getting to that high vibration of awareness and allowing, to me connecting with our spiritual source is the most important and vital thing we can do.  For me it’s the place from whence all good is born.

I cannot speak about prayer of course without it’s beautiful, listening partner meditation.  I have heard it said that prayer is asking and mediation is listening.  I find that when I’m meditating I often do a dance between the two, and this is absolutely exhilarating.  (I love using Young Living oils to enhance my meditation…Grounding, Release, Motivation and Believe to name just a few.)

But the challenge I propose to myself is to allow my prayer and mediation practice to inform and bless my entire day.  I’m always affected positively by my practice, but when I make conscious decisions throughout my day to remember it…to stop and say a prayer, breathe and listen…such wonder, so many kindnesses, and many great surprises unfold.

Can I say that a prayer has been offered when I let someone into a busy line of traffic, or when my neighbor jogs over with a letter for me that was left in his mailbox?  I think so.  Is it prayer when my son Hank and I are hugging each other so tight that it feels like sparks must be flying from our bodies?  To me it is.  Is it prayer when I am forgiven, or when I allow myself to forgive?  Yup.  When I am feeling extremely impatient but choose to express love and kindness in spite of how I feel? Bingo. Prayer in action I suppose, and I like that as well.

I wish all of you copious amounts of love and joy in 2015.  I hope that you discover wonderful ways to pray throughout your days, and to bless others with your action prayers.  I know that I will continue to do my best to do so, and when I fall short I hope to forgive myself and keep on praying.  

So hello “Year of the Prayer”.  We’re off!

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