“Stick With the Winners”

When I first heard the phrase “stick with the winners” I was in a discussion group that was focusing on the benefits of finding and using tools for healthy and positive living.   Although it has taken quite awhile to understand what sticking with the winners means for me, I have finally become  successful at it.  One of the greatest reasons for this is that I have learned the value of careful assessment.

I like to think of myself as nonjudgmental.  I have always been very open to people, places, things, and information. I like this quality and hope to never lose it, but being open no longer means that I need to accept everyone and everything into my life on a close level.  I have learned that by looking, listening, and taking in openly I can make healthy decisions for myself regarding who and what  I let in.  And I can make positive choices regarding who and what  I keep at a distance.  

Since making a very conscious decision to open myself up to people, places and things that make me feel good about myself, I feel more vibrant and alive than ever.  I surround myself with others, such as my beautiful sister Terry in the picture above, who encourage and enlighten me.  I spend  my time with those who are caring, thoughtful, creative and funny.  I put myself in the presence of as much love as I can possibly find, and try to give as much as I can possibly muster.

Of course the definition of a winner may be very different for me than it is for you.  I think  the important thing is that we get to know ourselves and to learn what a winner means for us personally.  We can then make every effort to share our lives with those people who nurture our souls, wipe our tears, crack us up with laughter, or tell it like it is when we most need to hear it.

This past week has been a challenging one for me, but I have not had to walk through it alone.  Because I have learned who I can share with safely I have been bouyed up and taken care of.  I have received countless loving phone calls.  I have been able to speak from my heart and know that my heart is safe.  All is well when love is present and shared, and I am so very grateful that I have so many winners in my life.  Thank you to all of you…you know who you are.  And to those of you who I don’t know, or don’t know well, thank you too.  Who knows?  Perhaps one day our paths will cross in a winning way.

Until then, I wish ALL of you an abundance of love, light, peacefulness and joy.  I wish you all the grace to love yourselves enough to stick with your winners, whoever they are.


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Kate February 24, 2013 at 5:52 pm

Profound words Maureen. Thanks again for some wonderful thoughts.


Maureen February 24, 2013 at 11:56 pm

Thank you Kate…:)


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