Our Exceptional Journey

I started my natural wellness journey in December of 2001, after my introduction to Young Living Essential Oils by my sister Terry.

At that time I was worn out and definitely not at my healthiest.  Young Living oils and supplements began to provide me with a way to keep myself strong physically,  emotionally,  and mentally.  I began using the oils with my son Hank as well, and we have never been healthier.  

Seventeen years ago Hank’s gastroenterologist in Syracuse, NY advised that we have our son’s colon removed.  (Hank has a condition that causes him to be at an extremely high risk for developing abnormal cells in this region of his body.) Because of our natural wellness choices my now 29 year old son still has his colon, and is living a very healthy, active, and vibrant life.

Hank and I enjoy having strong immune systems in large part because of the beautiful, truly natural products that we use for supporting our overall wellness, and I have subsequently built a very strong business sharing and networking for Young Living that I absolutely love.  I am very grateful for our exceptional life!

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