“Look At It This Way”


I was in my mid twenties and going through a messy break-up with my boyfriend.  Since my job at the time was tending bar, I had plenty of opportunity to commiserate about my pain.  One of my customers, a very funny man, looked at me dead on.  Then, while cocking his head sharply to one shoulder said, “Look at it this way!”  I burst out laughing. What a wonderful illustration of such a simple concept.  Simple but not always easy.

I have found over the years, however, that this is a very valuable tool.  I wish putting on a pair of  goofy glasses like the ones I’m wearing in this picture could do the trick.  But I have found it so very worth the discipline it can take to view things a little differently.  Since I humbly accept the fact that I need help in this area, every morning I listen to something that inspires me to challange my beliefs and alter any negative feelings or thinking.  Doing so, along with some prayer and meditation, shifts my thoughts and inspirers my actions.  And it just plain makes me feel good.

I am fascinated by the human brain.  It seems that it can be molded and shaped into pretty much anything.  This is a frightening concept in some ways, but such a hopeful one in others.  *(Visit “How to Build a Happier Brain” for some very cool reading on this subject.)  Our minds truly can be changed and I for one am on my knees grateful for it. 

I remember when, in the fall of 2001, my sister Terry suggested that I take my belief in the power of Young Living Essential Oils to another level…a business level.  My first response was “Really?  I don’t think I can do that!”  I am a professionally trained actress with absolutely no business training.  I was also knee deep in advocating and caring for Hank, my gorgeous, funny, red-headed, physically challenged son.  I felt completely overwhelmed at the thought of it.  Terry convinced me that it was a perfect fit for me.  I could make my own hours so that Hank could always come first, and I could ask for help from her and ‘elder’ business builders whose team I was on.  Since I was in pretty dire financial straights I went for it.  Twelve years later, one day at a time, I have a very thriving organization and I absolutely love what I do.  Hank has only gained from my choice.  I have also been able to keep my hand in my acting work, which I am still very passionate about.  Because the business is one of ‘people helping people,’ it can maintain itself and even grow when I am in a show or working on a film.  Who knew?

Experience has taught me that how I view people and circumstances dramatically alters the way that I feel, think and act.  William Butler Yeats said, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”  I want the lenses that I look through to be cleanly buffed and shiny so that I can discover those magic things.  I want to continue to see closed doors suddenly open and brand new vistas appear.  

So at the risk of sounding cornier than the fields of my youth, is your glass half full or half empty?  Mine certainly isn’t always half full, but I love knowing that this brain that I have been blessed with can, with a little effort, change it’s mind.  Try on a new pair of glasses and open the door a crack…there’s light out there.


*I’d like to thank my friend Portia Kamons for sharing this article on my Facebook page.

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