“Extraordinary Women”


“How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.”-Oscar Wilde

I suspect that Oscar Wilde was perhaps being condescending here, but taken in a different context I love this quote. I happen to believe that, on the whole, women are phenomenal beings and I am so grateful for all of the truly extraordinary women in my life.

For many years I believed that men were somehow superior to women.  I don’t think I was fully conscious of that belief, but I remember years ago being asked if I thought that  a woman should be President of the United States.  My answer was no,  reasoning that women are too emotional and would not be able to soundly make the kinds of decisions that someone in such a powerful position needs to make.  I cringe now at ever having said that,  but I think that I needed to have a personal evolution of realizing my own strengths to understand that I was wrong.  A woman’s emotional life can be a very powerful thing when focused and used constructively.  And a woman’s strong instinct to care for and nurture combined with a sharp intellect is, to me, an indomitable pairing.

I don’t mean to imply that I think that all women are wonderful, enlightened geniuses.  On the contrary I have seen and known women that I  would prefer to stay well away from.  There are women that I have known personally and those that I see in the media and in politics that quite frankly scare the daylights out of me, just as there are some men who do the same.  But there is something innately very powerful about the feminine that I believe needs to be honored, supported and respected.  A thing that should be taken advantage of in every positive meaning of that phrase.

I am blessed to have some very strong, intelligent, and enlightened women who are my dear friends.  They are a source of great support and joy to me.  I also have some incredibly strong and wonderful men in my life.  There are times when I need to be around my male friends for their perspective, their humor, and just their overall masculinity.  Men have their own form of strength and power.  And men bring out a certain kind of femininity in me that women cannot and which I enjoy.  But it is my women friends who are my true rocks.  There is a kindredness that is there because of our commonality…a sisterhood if you will that I love and cherish.

So here’s to all of the extraordinary women in my life…you know who you are.  I love you and thank you for your grace, your power, and your endless loving support.  And here’s to extraordinary women everywhere. May you be sought after for your wells of wisdom, regarded with respect, and treated as the exceptional beings that you are.  I salute your strength, your beauty, and your grace.  I hope you salute it too.

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Terry Quigley June 2, 2013 at 1:40 am

You are the supreme example of an extraordinary woman, and I admire you right down to my toes!!


Maureen Quigley June 2, 2013 at 12:41 pm

Thank you Mar….that means so much to me coming from you…and ditto ditto ditto!!! xo


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