“Dreams and Kitchen Tables”

We don’t have a kitchen table, at least not one that serves as such, and I miss that.  Because of the way our house is structured and that I now use what was the dining room space for my office, the table sits against the wall adorned with a beautiful Christmas cactus.  It also has a framed picture of Hank that has the lyrics of Rod Stewarts “Forever Young” on it, and a small wooden structure that spells out the word ‘Believe’.  When we eat it’s either at the counter or for Hank, on his tray that attaches to his wheelchair.

Someday Hank and I will live in a nice one floor house so that he can crawl to his room whenever he wants.  The house will have enough rooms so that we can have a kitchen table that we actually use.  We’ll sit around it and tell family stories or play scrabble, and we’ll leave notes for each other that say, “Gone to the store…be back at 2:15.”  (Oh wait…texting…will we still write notes??)

This is one of my dreams.  I have bigger dreams, and some of them are pretty fancy and outrageously wonderful, but I love the little ones too.  And I will say that I believe with all of my heart something that I heard a long time ago, “Want what you’ve got and you’ll get what you want”…gratitude!!!

I have come so far in my life…Hank and I have so much compared to what we had a few years ago, and I firmly believe that one of the main reasons is that we dream big and keep life laced with huge amounts of gratitude.

I am grateful for so many things and I could list them and they would make a book.  But the most important thing for me about gratitude is that I use it actively, and it changes my life.

So, little kitchen table that sits against the wall, thank you for being there. Thank you for your lovely wooden shape and for having steadfastly been a stable perch for that gorgeous cactus all of these years.  Thank you for not complaining that we don’t eat our meals with you anymore, and for trusting that we will again someday and it will be grand.  And thank you especially for the times when you are so covered with paperwork and Young Living desk references that you can hardly breathe, but you don’t protest.  You seem to know that I will clean you up soon and wipe you off so that you can air out and breathe again.  Your patience and trust inspire me.

And thanks to all of you who are reading this, and for maybe being touched to remember to say thank you for everything in your lives, even the small things, and especially the challenges.  

Gratitude is a beautiful fertilizer for abundance and joy, and a life that truly can be beyond our wildest dreams!

With Love,


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Heather January 8, 2013 at 5:52 pm

Beautifully written…gratitude is the grandest of gestures!


admin January 8, 2013 at 7:51 pm

Thank you Heather and yes, it surely is! So I say thank you to you for your beautiful friendship!


Zan February 1, 2013 at 8:29 pm

In the last 48 hours I had many opportunities to realize all that you have taught me about gratitude. It is really cold, I mean really cold (-35 wind chill) and my car died and I was in the middle of nowhere and there is a tow-ban for the whole county. But, I felt grateful that I had a friend who would push my car to a parking lot so it wouldn’t be by the side of the road, that the store owners said that it was no problem for the car to be in their lot overnight and that I had a warm home with people that I love and plenty of food in the fridge. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have taught me. And most of all for being your awesome self.


admin February 1, 2013 at 8:41 pm

Dear Zan,
Opening up my computer and finding this from you has just filled my heart with joy.
Sending you boat loads of love and a cozy weekend inside from the cold.
Thank YOU for the gift of YOUR awesome self. As I have told you many times, I wouldn’t be half the mother and advocate that I have been for Hank without you. My gratitude for that, and for you, knows no bounds.


admin February 11, 2013 at 10:40 pm

I was just reading through new comments and came upon this Zan. I was so moved by it and thought that I had relied…so here I am…replying and saying how truly grateful I am for you and all that you have done for Hank and for me as his mother. Thank YOU for being YOUR awesome self! xoxoxo


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