“Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens”

My father used to say, “Don’t quit before the miracle happens.”  Thank you Dad for being the first person that I ever heard say that.  Your words struck my heart and have stayed planted there for a very long time.  This past fall I found myself saying them often.

I am a novice clogger.   I began clogging in September of 2011 and have grown to really love it. I love clogging for the exercise of it and because I love to dance.  I also really enjoy the folks from Erie Canal Cloggers who are teaching me.  And I enjoy the terrific people that I clog with. But this past fall I almost quit.

Because I was performing in a show with the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse at the start of the ‘clogging year’ I missed three classes.  Then I went to Ecuador with Young Living and missed another class.  Going from being a beginner clogger to an intermediate one is challenging, and missing four classes put me very far behind.  Thank heavens for prayer, deterimination, and my sister Pat who is not a novice clogger for encouraging me and helping me to catch up.  And thank heavens for the other women in the class who have worked with me during breaks when they could have been resting and getting a glass of water.

There have been other times in my life when I have wanted to quit. There have been shows that I have been in and during the rehearsal process I have thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it happen. There have been times in my work with Young Living that I have felt that I just didn’t have what it takes to progress as well as others seemed to be able to.   And there have even been times as a mother that I have wanted to get in my car and drive very far away, because I didn’t think I could do the job justice for even one more day.

I confess that I’m not overly excited to be admitting all of this, but I share it because I know that I’m not alone.  I share it because not only have I not quit all of the above, I have found that some of the richest experiences in my life have come after I have decided to stick with the things that I really didn’t think I had the metal for.  Often in order to do that I have needed to stop and breathe.  I have needed to say a prayer, talk to a friend, and inhale some Clarity Oil.  I have needed to try my level best to do the next right thing.  I put one foot in front of the other and just keep going.

So if you’re feeling a little less than or a little discouraged, or even a lot of both, don’t quit before the miracle happens.  Give yourself a chance to see what you’re made of.  Give yourself a chance…you just might find that the metal you are made of is pretty strong, pretty bright, and pretty beautiful.

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Debbie February 3, 2013 at 5:31 pm

Your sidebar tag cloud looks really nice just the way it is. It really is important to know we should not quit


Maureen Quigley February 3, 2013 at 5:35 pm

Thank you Debbie, and yes, it surely is!


Diane Hayes February 11, 2013 at 5:03 pm

Mo, Just the mention of you Dad brings tears to my eyes! What A great role model!!!! He was a great inspiration to me too!
Love your blog!!!! Keep them positives coming!!! You have blessed us all by being you!!!!!
Love & Prayers, Diane


admin February 11, 2013 at 10:37 pm

Thank you for that Diane! And love and prayers to you as well! xoxoxo


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