“Because You Loved Me”

I am so excited to be writing this, my first blog on my new website!  I am excited, and happy, and outrageously grateful to Mary and Jay Carter for their wonderful skill and guidance as they construct this for me, suffering through my vast technical inexperience, and to Debbie Twomey for doing such a beautiful job on my Young Living Facebook page.  To Jack O’Donnell who allowed me to use his beautiful photograph of Upstate New York sunflowers in my header, and to my dear sister, friend, mentor and inspiration Terry Quigley for her incredible patience, love and understanding during countless conversations and brain storms as I muddle through this process.

So, here goes…

I have titled my first blog “Because You Loved Me” in honor of my mother Ethel Quigley, because she so strongly believed in me and because at times like these, when something new is popping up in my life, I think of her.  I went to her for everything, and her opinion really mattered.  I hope she would approve.

When Mom died, the song “I’m Everything I Am Because you Loved Me” by Celine Dion became my anthem to her.  I would listen to it and cry my eyes out, catharting away until I rendered myself spent.  (Thank heavens I believe strongly in the gift of tears…I had so much grief to unpack.)  And now, seven years later, I bring that same song to my beautiful son Hank, because in new and different ways from dear Ethel I am everything I am because he loves me.

On the day that Hank was born I knew I had been given a baby that was not your average bear.  Twenty-two years have passed, and this young man has given me a gift that I would never have known enough to ask for.  He has given me the gift of myself.

Through the bond of love that we share he has taught me how to give, fight, and love unconditionally.  Through him I am finally learning so many of the lessons that my mother shared with me, not the least of which is to trust my own strength and to forge on no matter what.

Thank you Mom and Hank for loving me, and for allowing me to love you so much that I now know how to love myself.  What a gift, what a treat, what a wonderful, wonderful life!



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Carson January 15, 2013 at 2:02 pm

I’m quite plaeesd with the information in this one. TY!


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